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midweek update

  Appears to me we have seen the end of the four week decline in the market. And, we should get a week or two relief here, with a nice bounce.   I can now count completed zigzags, from the … Continue reading

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weekend update

The DJIA peaked at 10,705.55 in July and the COMPX at 2218.15 in August. For the past three weeks both indices have been declining; The COMPX about 5% and the INDU about 3%. It does appear that the three week zigzag … Continue reading

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Short Term Perspective

In the three preceeding sections (blogs) I explain my background (EW Lives), an historical view of the stock market (Current Market), and my EW count (Current count). This section will be used for a short term reading of what is … Continue reading

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the Current Count EW terms

DJIA (INDX) super cycle low 7,286.27 on 10/09/02 cycle one to unfold over the next several years in major and smaller waves: MAJOR 1     8,931.69    11/27/02     bull market kickoff rising 22.8%  MAJOR 2     7,524.06    03/11/03     unusually steep correction in the form of … Continue reading

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Current Bull Market EW terms

In October 2002 the major market indices (indx, inx and compx) completed a super cycle bottom. This super cycle started at the last super cycle bottom in 1932, and thus lasted 70 years. So it was in EW terms a major … Continue reading

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