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CHINA bull market update

As most are already aware: nearly every stock market in the world is now in a bull market. From the huge western hemipshere juggernauts to the small emerging markets of the world. The question then is not who is in … Continue reading

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weekend update

REVIEW: It was a very choppy week as the NAZ lost 1% (all of it on friday), the NDX 0.5%, the SPX/DOW were flat. It seemed as though the cyclicals wanted to move higher, but the growth sector kept selling … Continue reading

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Diamonds, Spiders and the Cubes

If you follow the Nasdaq like I do, you too have to be disappointed with the performance of the NDX (Nasdaq 100). It has underperformed nearly all the major indices since the beginning of the year, except for the SOX (Semiconductors). … Continue reading

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friday morning

SHORT TERM: TGIF it’s been a nutty week! Overnight the foreign exchanges were generally lower: Asia was mixed and Europe was down 0.35%. The Commerce Department released the first quarter economic figures which were outstanding: 4.8% GDP growth for Q1 and 1.9% … Continue reading

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thursday night … China watch

Good evening! I usually watch the Asian markets most nights to get a gist of what’s going on in the Eastern Hemisphere. Tonight was to be a special event, as the whole world seem to sell off on China’s announcement … Continue reading

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