Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to those celebrating it!

Due to the holiday week there will be no weekend report this week.

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  1. fionamargaret says:


  2. gary leibowitz says:

    Expected reply to my depression comment. Now we have a TWEET STORM today. From impeachment to antisemitic remarks to dismantling for good the effectiveness of the WTO. Who said there is no correlation between social, political and market behavior? if this isn’t nearing a top then nothing ever would be seen or observed to give one a clue to the topping pattern.

    This is a big week. Everything should be revealed. We either have an explosive final week or the first major drop of the final death throws of a humongous monstrous clay stampede. A deal of any kind with China will be greeted with a big move up and it should lats till Year End.

    What an ending! Has anyone got back to me on the misinterpretation of the 2016 move? of the 1929 proclamation that the market is on a preeminent plateau weeks before the crash. The combined consensus of all economists was that there was absolutely nothing on the horizon to warrant backing out. And on the surface they were absolutely correct. I find human nature fascinating to observe. We shattered the modern day notion of safety nets when some smart greedy Wall Street brokerage firm came up with a scheme to make huge profits by hiding the dead mortgage obligations in a bundled way that required you to make deep analysis of the package before betting into the greed factor. Everyone desired you don’t look a gift horse in the mouth and the Trojan horse was once again displayed.

    Baby i can feel this one. I do get emotional on such occasions. I will try to use the help of the gurus here to time the next drop but am afraid most are just not going to see it coming.

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  3. Msft Observe Monthly Bars. Dec 13th month from low..

    Last year, Dec 31st Msft hit its high, then sold off

    One might make serious case, 13th month upswing could turn into top.

    We will have to wait and see what unfolds


  4. James McKee says:

    Detail and narrative added to potential 5th Primary Wave scenario… Didn’t want to clutter this blog with the size of the post. I may be chasing for entry this week.


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