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Dry Bulk Shipping update 2015

In 2012 we thought we had identified a 13 year cycle in the shipping industry. Then in mid-2012 we published this report detailing the cycle and anticipating a rally in rates: https://caldaro.wordpress.com/2012/09/27/dry-bulk-shipping-industry/. The rally in rates did occur as the … Continue reading

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Commodity update 2015

The last commodity update, https://caldaro.wordpress.com/2013/05/19/commodity-bear-market/, detailed our bearish view on most of the sectors. Since then many of the commodity sectors have sold off during 2013/2014. This update will suggest some sectors may have just started Primary wave counter-trend rallies that could last for … Continue reading

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Bond market update 2015

The has been lots of talk lately of a Bond market top. This type of talk has actually been going on, and off, for a few years. To our surprise we find we have not written a Bond specific report … Continue reading

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GOLD: then and now

As the saying goes; “History often repeats, but is never exactly the same.” The same can be said for asset classes, if one understands their long term cycles. Let’s examine Gold. From 1970-1980 Gold entered its first real bull market, … Continue reading

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OEW tutoring

Objective Elliott Wave, (OEW), is a quantitative approach to the Elliott Wave Theory. Once you learn OEW you will be able to quantitatively research the historical price performance of any asset class, or stock, and determine its current position within … Continue reading

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