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Time to repair the deflating US Dollar

Every century the US has been existence there has been a new USD. And we believe it is time for a new US Dollar in the 21st century. In the following paragraphs we hope to explain why this is required, and … Continue reading

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Crude and the Commodity cycle

Over the years we have written many times about the 34-year commodity cycle. Generally commodities rise as a group in a 13-year bull market, which is followed by a 21-year bear market. Each specific commodity has its own particular cycle which … Continue reading

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Gold – bull market or just a bear market rally

While many are touting a new bull market in Gold, and Silver for that matter, history suggests otherwise. When we look back at the history of commodity prices for the past two centuries we observe generally short bull markets followed … Continue reading

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Gold update 2015

After Gold and Silver topped in 2011 many have been looking for a sustainable rally to trade, or exit long term positions. Yet the decline in the precious metals has been generally steady except for a few quick rallies here and there. … Continue reading

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OEW tutoring

Objective Elliott Wave, (OEW), is a quantitative approach to the Elliott Wave Theory. Once you learn OEW you will be able to quantitatively research the historical price performance of any asset class, or stock, and determine its current position within … Continue reading

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