One Year Later

A year ago today I lost my father and my best friend, everyone here lost their mentor and a friend. Dad and I spent the last 7 years of his life living together. Our households merged on a very snowy day in Feb those years back. I would’ve never thought they were to end so soon.

Like many of his generation COPD made his life difficult. My father was the type of man to overcome anything and everything. A car accident had shattered his leg in his 50s. He came back from it to be more physically fit than ever. Months of not being able to walk to walking miles. He had issues with depression and alcoholism that he was able to overcome and live a healthy, fruitful life. He turned to spiritualism to help him through the darkest times. Which many of you had conversations with him about. A lot of hardships made him the man he was. He pushed himself physically and mentally to be the best he could be. As much as life threw at him over the years he did the best that he could and overcame. In my mind he could overcome this and he’d have me there to help him.

My father was so proud to have his dream house, loyal dopey dog, his daughter and grandson with him for those last few years. He had just finished and posted updated lessons and had sent me off to the east coast a few days prior telling me “to find my dream home, don’t worry about anything else.” We were planning on moving back to the East Coast for better doctors for him and better schools for my son. On the way to his mother’s funeral the prior October when we entered a state I was trying to convince him was a good idea, 3 rainbows were huge and present. We both took it as a sign to continue on that path. The last email conversation I had with him was to hunt down a wine he hadn’t had in years to bring back with me with some Entenmann’s stuff we couldn’t get were we lived either.

I received the call the next day and hurried back. Dad went out on his own terms. Even quietly making the news. He was no stranger to news having been in Barron’s and on tv on multiple occasions in the late 80s early 90s. Later in life he turned down multiple speaking engagements and tv appearances. He liked his quiet life.

This year has been the hardest of my life. Everything had started to unravel and I found myself lost without him. In the beginning I just auto-piloted everything while basically still in shock. I tried to do what I thought was right not considering myself at all but, at the end of the day there was just too many balls to juggle and I was trying to live 2 lives at once. Things started to fall and with that my mental state. I’m the type to either do things 100% or not at all. After things had started to calm down and stabilize around June of last year I fell into a crippling depression. I’m working my way out of it now.  For everyone who has been so supportive and sent me kind wishes I thank you. You can never know how much it all means to me. For those of you who threw hate, and assumptions (someone actually accused me of thinking I was above my father’s followers recently in an email smh) due to my lack of responses and participation. For those of you who threw the negativity at me, I hope you find peace and happiness for you are in desperate need of.

I want to thank everyone for your patience with me in the last year. I wish you all health and happiness in the coming years.

For the time being the blog will remain open for reference and educational purposes, however the weekend reports will not for the foreseeable future. OEW lessons will continue for the time being. I love talking with students and their excitement, positive attitude, and seeing my father’s work continue on helping people better their lives means a lot to me. Lessons are a requirement to have access to the private group which remains active and ongoing. Lesson advert he posted from last year please email me at if interested in taking lessons.

In the coming year I’m going to dive into his notes of spiritual teachings. I want to pull them together and offer them in some sort of format for those who would like them. Stay tuned for that.

A year later I truly understand what his last words to me really were. I’m undertaking that journey now, wish me luck.

Over the weekend I asked members from the group if anyone wanted to say something publicly on the blog.

“Don’t be dismayed by good-byes. A farewell is necessary before you can meet again. And meeting again, after moments or lifetimes, is certain for those who are friends. – Richard Bach”  ~ Wesley

“Looking for an edge in investments may draw one first to OEW, but what drew one to Tony ultimately was his heart and the example he set for his students and on “the board” for patience, generosity, and humility. These live on in his students and cause them to pause as they interact with one another in the exchange of ideas and preservation of the principles of OEW from which further insights might be gained. ” ~Joe

“Tony, I will remember you always as one of the most inquisitive, analytical, thoughtful, & kind people I have ever known.

You graciously shared your life’s work with the world & greatly enhanced my ability to study the factors influencing global financial markets as well as the collective investor consciousness.

Your quantitative approach to objectively interpret the Elliott Wave Principle remains your OEW legacy.  However it was your subtle sense of humor, compassion, & ability to communicate with curious minds across any subject in search of greater understanding that I will forever appreciate and seek to emulate in my own life.

On a personal note my Mom passed of pancreas cancer 2 short weeks after you & for that reason February will forever be a month of remembrance for my two greatest teachers.

Namaste,” ~ Ryan

“Tony you certainly were a rare and special kind of person who shared your life’s work to help the lives of others.  You taught me to be a successful trader improving my financial life but more importantly you taught me to be a better person.  I use to be the kind of person that would never of shared his findings or tried to help people like you have done but I see now that those actions are what really gives fulfillment to ones life and I have you to thank for that.  You will always be remembered as my mentor.” ~Rich

“They say the teacher will come when the student is ready and that was certainly the case with Tony for me.  I needed a framework to help streamline my investments and a random tip from a colleague sent me to the OEW blog.  It didn’t take long before I realized that this approach was different from the subjective/changeable E-wave that I had known for years.  I powered through the lessons, looking forward to learning more in real-time.  Unfortunately, my time with Tony was cut short, but his approach and guidance through the Lessons have had a profound impact on the way I view and approach the markets now.  I’m glad I found you when I did.  Many thanks, Maestro Tony.” ~Greg

“RIP Tony. We miss you!” ~ Kele

“RIP Tony Caldaro.

You were the BEST of the best!”~Spyridon
“For years and years I have read your analyzes and your blog. You had become a beacon. Your legacy is enormous for the OEW group and I am grateful for the veterans for this. You would definitely be proud of them. There are many teachings. Thanks to you my trading has become extraordinarily profitable. Your extraordinary kindness and availability are forever teaching us all… miss you very much always Tony.” ~Marco
“It’s the smartest investment of my life to attend Tony’s 1:1 tutoring in 2018, and there is no “one of” in front of it.” ~ Simon
“Tony absolutely changed my view of the market and how it worked. He was a person I never personally met, but felt like I knew him all my life. He is, and will always be missed.” ~Cowboy
“I followed Tony on the public site for two years before contacting him to start the lessons in Sept 2018. He helped me complete my rehab from EWI! He was such a kind soul and his impact on humanity if far greater than his impact on market analysis, as evident by the opinions of all you folks who knew him much better than I. And even more evident by these experienced, similarly minded (and hearted) folks that are continuing his work. Thank you Tony. Thank you OEW advocates.” ~Ed
Tony: I started to read your blog in 2016, at the end of that year, I decided to take the class. It was one of the best decisions I made in my life. You taught me so much, not just how to invest, but to become a better person. Although we never met, I feel you’re like an old friend.One year has past, and we miss you very much. We will always remain your faithful and proud students our whole lives. You’re the best!”~ Elaine

Your father was an exceptional man, full of kindness and compassion for all he met and spoke to within the group, ultimately, he was an inspiration and I hope to emulate his outlook on life towards others even more so in the years to come. Your dad always liked too sign off with a smile, so hear goes =) ” ~Alistair


Love only yourself, or Love yourself and all others.

It’s a choice. Make the choice!




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  1. phil1247 says:

    BCI still going thru the roof …
    ? ending diagonal forming on BCI ?

    stocks still going thru the roof
    could diagonal be forming there as well ?

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  2. fxaprendiz says:

    Two facts:
    1. It’s almost a certainty this thread will be automatically closed on coming Tuesday, unless Christine has removed the 14 days clause or extended it.
    2. For a long time this blog has been divided into 2 camps, with no end on sight.

    One camp has at least one alternate blog to fall back on when this one is closed. The other camp doesn’t.

    As it would be a shame to permanently lose contact with people of the second camp I have created a public blog if you guys want to keep the conversation going on when this thread closes.
    This is a different blog to my private one. That one is my brainchild and it’s a niche blog. The public blog will be open to any ideas in any markets. There’s only one restriction as of now: no 15 min trading/talk. For that you have the other camp 😉

    Well, that’s it. It’s up to you guys. If nobody shows up that’s fine. Just wanted for you guys to have the option. Hopefully Caldaro’s remain open and we don’t have to move.

    Note: I’ll just be hosting the public blog, and act as moderator when necessary.
    I will keep posting mostly in my private one. So it’s up to you guys to make the public one to come to life and keep the flow going.

    And this should come without saying, but please try to keep the conversation there market related. Actionable analysis and trading are what we need. Leave the music, the politics and the ego at home, if possible.

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  3. itsfknlee says:

    Have a good weekend all

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  4. M Wags says:

    Heard that Lunker’s blog is back open again.
    That didn’t take long.
    Oh the drama.

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    • M Wags says:

      Only 11 comments since it re-opened this morning and 9 are by Lunker himself.
      I guess the Boycott is on.

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      • Mike…these kinds of posts aren’t helpful and don’t add anything to EW or trading in general….so why post it? Can you please respect Christine’s wish’s and let it go. Yes, I am aware of the exchanges In the past between you, Lunker and Phil… had hopefully the last word, not can we get back to the business of posting trading ideas?

        Full disclosure, I made some money on your analysis/posts on EXAS…thank you.

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  5. looks like the .618 retrace held at 3373 yesterday.
    if 3373-3333 was1
    bounce to
    3348 .38
    3353 .50
    3358 .618
    over that this was a complex wave 4 with as Phil would say new highs and straight up for a nono 5. im thinking we bounce to 3353 and have another 40 down ish towards 3313 or lower. have a great weekend all

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  6. xEVAx says:

    Well somebody’s gotta say it….. GOLD Bitchez!!! :p =) That said, “If you’re yelling you should be selling” .)


  7. gary61b says:

    ES 3325 is an interesting support…maybe a scalpers pop. but need to drop thru 3330 first.


  8. Good morning all…just some observations I am looking at…notes on chart…

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  9. kvilia says:

    Since lunker closed down his blog, can anyone with the existing blog provide a shelter to share trading analysis and ideas in case this thread gets locked just like in the past?

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  10. .618 retrace for a C up at 3373.47 is holding at least til it doesnt, could still get another 52.50 or more down. see what the close brings us
    tricky, stubborn bull.


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