Weekend Report

Weekend Report

Provided by the OEW Group

October 5 2019

SPX opened the week up and rallied most of the day Monday to close at 2977.  Last weeks close was 2962.  Tuesday had a gap up to reach the high of the week at 2993 within the first half hour of trade, but then sharply reversed lower, apparently based on the bad ISM report signalling a contraction in manufacturing.  SPX then sold off the rest of the day Tuesday, gapped down on Wednesday and continued to decline until it found the low of the week at 2856 in the first hour on Thursday.  From there, SPX rallied to reach 2911 by Thursday’s close.  Friday opened with a gap higher and continued a strong rally all the way back to within Tuesday’s price range, before closing the week at 2952.

For the week, SPX/DOW lost 0.33%/0.93% while NDX/NAZ gained 0.94%/0.54%.

On the economic front, ISM Manufacturing and Services were both lower, although Services remains in expansion mode.  Payrolls were higher as the unemployment rate made a 50 year low at 3.5%.  Our Investor Sentiment indicator increased to 56.5% and is quite bullish as we read the data.  The ECRI weekly growth indictor moved up for the third week in a row and is back above the zero line at +0.83%.

LONG TERM: Uptrend may be weakening


In the US, the long-term count remains unchanged with the Super Cycle SC2 low in March 2009.  The Primary wave I high occurred in May 2015 and Primary wave II low in February 2016.  Primary wave III has been underway ever since and the Major wave 1 high of Primary wave III occurred in October 2018.  Our preferred long term count is posted on SPX, which reflects that Intermediate wave i of Major wave 3 is underway from the Major wave 2 low in December 2018 and continues to subdivide into Minor, Minute and now Micro waves.  However, we maintain our cautious status that the uptrend may be weakening until Major wave 3 can clearly breakout of this overlapping structure.  Consequently, we’re still tracking our alternate count on DOW in the public chart list.

MEDIUM TERM: Downtrend


SPX extended the decline with a large outside reversal down on Tuesday (same as last week), followed by a gap below the critical 2940 level mentioned last week and reached a low of 2856 Thursday morning.  A strong reversal for the remainder of the week retraced halfway back for the entire decline from the 3022 high.  SPX finished the week at 2952, which is within the next pivot range and just below the medium term EMA’s which are providing resistance for the time being.  This price action confirmed that a new downtrend is underway with the possibility of a completed pattern at the 2856 low.  This also resolved the scale dilemma that we’ve been discussing for the last few weeks.  As a result, we can now count five waves up from 2822 to 3022 with a small fifth wave, which suggests the entire uptrend is Micro wave 1 of Minute wave iii.  Micro wave 2 has been underway since the September top and found support at our 2858 pivot range, with medium term subdivisions that suggest a completed zig zag pattern of three waves down.  This represents a 5.5% decline, which would be typical for this wave scale.  However, we need more price action to see if a new uptrend can take hold, or whether another retest of the low may be forthcoming.  Medium term RSI got sufficiently oversold at the low, which is consistent with prior downtrend lows.



As mentioned in the previous section, we’ve rescaled the count to show Micro wave 1 as five Nano waves up from 2822 to 3022, which includes a subdivided leading diagonal for Nano wave i as part of that sequence.  Using our short term techniques we can count seven small wave down from the 3022 top, which suggests a 5-1-1 zig zag pattern for Micro wave 2 so far.  That gives Nano wave a = 2946, Nano wave b = 2993 and Nano wave c = 2856.  We then have a 98 point rally off the low to the intraday high on Friday, which is by far the largest retrace since the downtrend began.  Short term RSI ended the week extremely overbought, so a small wave pullback could come at any time.  With all the volatility this week, SPX ended right back in the same support/resistance zone where it left off last week.  As one of our members pointed out while discussing group sentiment, “nothing has changed”.  So far, only the speculative short term waves have been affected.

Short term support is at the 2929 and 2884 pivots.  Resistance is at the 2957 and 2984 pivots.


Asian markets (using AAXJ as a proxy) gained 0.83%.

European markets (using FEZ as a proxy) lost 1.49%.

The DJ World index lost 0.90%, and the NYSE lost 1.08%.


Bonds are in a downtrend and gained 1.17%

Crude oil is in a downtrend and lost 5.54%

Gold is in an uptrend and gained 0.43%

GBTC is in a downtrend and gained 3.89%.

The USD is in an uptrend and lost 0.22%.

CHARTS: https://stockcharts.com/public/1269446/tenpp


Have a good week!

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474 Responses to Weekend Report

  1. M Wags says:

    Its interesting to watch people comment about QE, but not even read what the Fed Chairman is proposing…. essentially buying SHORT TERM debt only… rather than the longer maturity debt bought in the QE’s after the financial crisis.

    The goal is to provide banks enough reserves so that it can control its policy Fed Funds rate and other short-term lending rates.

    This current proposal is unremarkable, but its giving the Twittersphere something to talk about. Never mind that in the 5 years PRIOR to the financial crisis, the Fed’s balance sheet grew (on average) at a steady 4% annual rate.

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  2. phil1247 says:

    Charlie Bilello
    US 10-Yr Treasury Yields During QE…

    QE1 (Dec ’08 – Mar ’10)
    10-yr yield Start: 2.72%. End: 3.83%.

    QE2 (Nov ’10 – Jun ’11)
    10-yr yield Start: 2.63%. End: 3.16%.

    QE3 (Sep ’12 – Oct ’14)
    10-yr yield Start: 1.58%. End: 2.34%.

    QE4 (Sep ’19 – ?)
    10-yr yield start: 1.47%. End: ?
    Powell says this is not QE
    lets see if the bond market believes that 😉
    TLT = hot potato


  3. M Wags says:

    Bullion backed ETF’s have expanded for 17 days in a row, the longest run of inflows since 2009. The total stash now stands less than 35 tons away from a record set in 2012.


  4. phil1247 says:


    asked me not to refer to his blog here out of respect for christine

    but since i cant post charts here because of a word press snafu

    if you want to see why a spike up to 2934 had to be expected if short
    with some news or some other excuse as the ” reason ”
    see my most recent es chart at his blog

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  5. Ken Smith says:

    Are we ever going to revisit the Saeculum cycles? Does everyone still believe we are past the “crisis stage.”


  6. torehund says:

    ..lots of missed forecast in the past, is he onto something this time ?


    • sixpack says:

      If silver goes to $20 the banks blow up? It was at $40 just 8 years ago. Sorry but this is garbage!


      • torehund says:

        Many says so, but Organ is pretty focused on just one thing, and might hit the nail one of these days.


        • Tom Smith says:

          Ogan is a fraud. If you had followed his advice you would be living on the sidewalk. He’s been spouting the same garbage for 10 years. There is no place for charlatans like him.


          • torehund says:

            Well he might be right this time around. Dont believe silver will be dumped down to 8 usd. From zero to hero, and lots of inbetweens, thats the nature of the game.


  7. jungletrader lucky says:

    Indices are very close to TL,DJI has more room to correct





    Thank you,Ciao


  8. raymond e kalenda says:

    From Bud – Have an interesting long Term trend change date.
    One that, I have charted and made a note of, a note of…..
    It is a Major Price Low and date. Low prog is 1622 on SPX,
    and the date is 5/3, SP / 2022….Just over 2 years away, but
    feel worth saving……Bud


  9. M Wags says:

    I suspect we will see some “flip-flops” in the Twittersphere after today’s close below 2900.

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  10. phil1247 says:

    es 95 gave way
    79 is next


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