Rules & Update

Some Rules

I will quote my father on a few of these as well as add my own and clarification if need be.

Some will have noticed posts are being deleted and edited.

“Comments should be about the various markets, and not politics, religion, etc.”  If it can directly impact the market it will be allowed. However personal opinions about people are not. Keep it civil and professional.

“Those that are trolls, self-promoters, or attack others are not welcome.”  Trolls Useless posts will be deleted and user will be banned.  Self promoters. Moderators are looking at every link posted. If it’s linked to a promotional website it will be edited or deleted. There are no ads of any kind of this website. If you would like for this website to promote you or your business contact me for going rates. Attacks will be deleted. If user has a history of attacking all posts by them will be put on an approval basis.

” If your comment gets deleted you did not follow the rules. If none of your comments are being posted, you have not only broken the rules but lost your privilege to post.”

“We encourage and respect all well-reasoned alternative viewpoints, and expect all participants will do so as well. Please keep in mind this is a market blog, and not a social media blog. Posts take time to read. Do not waste everyone’s time with frivolous comments. “

Do not ignore or disrespect these rules.


Weekend Report

Happy News! Sometime this weekend the first OEW Weekend Update Report from the private group will be posted! The group is still fine tuning things so please be patient.

Those Requesting Lessons

A follow-up email will be sent out this weekend with more concrete details on how we will be going forward. If you have sent me an email or a message to my father’s email you will be getting follow up email this weekend.

Have a great weekend everyone and be kind!


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8 Responses to Rules & Update

  1. Rita Pedersen says:

    Thanks Christine for your effort.
    Best regards from a swedish reader.


  2. Thanks for your work and commitment in keeping the blog going. I am looking forward to the private group weekend update


  3. Thanks Christine.

    A few questions:

    I’ve always shared my insights and knowledge with the OEW group and publicly here on the blog. Tony was all about “sharing is caring” and very appreciative of my work. I noticed my latest reply on the prior “Opened” post was deleted, likely because it contained links to my website. Hence, can I assume I am not allowed to share thoughts and insights via a link that directs to my website?

    And if I want to use links to my website in my replies, I will now have to pay an “advertisement fee”?

    How much would that be?

    Arnout aka Soul


  4. Bartek Plate says:

    Thank You for all your efforts Christine and others for keeping Tony’s work alive.


  5. jason hardy says:

    Thank you for your efforts to keep Tony’s work alive. We greatly appreciate your time.



  6. M Wags says:

    Than You Christine!

    UBS says chances for a U.S. Recession just shot up to 73%

    Was 24% in December.


  7. Vernon Smith says:

    There are many on you side. All is well.


  8. purplember says:

    thanks Christine during your difficult time.. I’m still praying for the Caldaro family. i lost both parents in last 18 months and know how painful it can be.


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