I’ve opened the comments back up for those of you who’ve been asking.

I’ve been compiling a list of those of you who are interested in my father’s private teachings. If you are interested and have yet to contact me you can Lessons will resume in the next month or two in a slightly different format but, still his original updated teachings.


Love only yourself, or Love yourself and all others.

It’s a choice. Make the choice!


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  1. jobjas says:

    SPX squiggle count – plain traditional EW analysis


  2. phil1247 says:

    JUNE FUTURES / kiss principle

    bearish below 2755 . ( extension short .618 resistance )

    below there ……………………………………… 2716 target
    above there …………………………………….. 2788 is risk to shorts


  3. aahmichael says:

    As a follow-up to my post from Thursday morning, since SPX closed below 2769 yesterday, then that put in a weekly 3BR. It’s identical to the weekly 3BR that occurred at the October top, except that last week’s bar not only bearishly engulfed the prior week’s bar, it also bearishly engulfed the weekly bar before that one too. Since the 2347-2817 rally was a zig-zag, then there is nothing about the current count that prevents the market from taking out 2347 before it takes out 2817.

    aahmichael says:
    March 7, 2019 at 5:40 am
    …As I previously mentioned, the rally from 2347 is corrective. It’s impossible to count it as an impulse wave, therefore, even if it were to get back to news highs, I wouldn’t call it a new bull market. Short term, though, everything is falling into place for the top to have already occurred last Sunday night in the futures, and Monday morning in the cash. Whenever futures gap up on a Sunday open on fake trade news put out by the government, it’s an automatic short. That strategy has never failed, as the gap has filled quickly 100% of the time. Last Sunday’s gap was perfect, though, because 2819 was this week’s R1, and it also was the 20% level for the entire rally wave. Those 2 measurements nailed the top tick. (As I pointed out before, bear market rallies frequently hit the 20% level, and this one was no different.) Then, 2 hours into Monday’s action, a 60min 3BR occurred, followed by a Daily 3BR at Tuesday’s close. If Friday closes below 2769, then that will put in a Weekly 3BR as well. These are like dominoes falling one after another, and, at this point, the 3/4 high looks identical to the 12/3 high…


    • aahmichael says:

      Of all of the great advancements that Glen Neely has made in counting waves, his best contribution is his simplest: That is the rule that no part of any wave 3, no matter the degree, can violate the 0-2 trendline of same degree. The logic behind this rule is that wave 3s always thrust in the direction of the impulse, rather than drift sideways. That rule invalidates your count as your green 3 violates the 0-2 trendline. In addition to that, the internal subdivisions of your wave 3 (in other words, iii of 3) also violate that rule. I have never seen an actual impulse wave that violated the rule.


    • how do you post a chart here? i want to post mine but have no idea how. and looking to the charts posted here, well my help here is needed 🙂


  4. lml25 says:

    Here’s a brief Ira and Al Brooks recap:
    Ira sees the weekly charts for SPX as a higher high and higher low.Above the 18 week ma with an outside week down,meaning,if the high of the previous week is taken out (2814ish),a bear trap is set.Further rally if that happens.”Doesn’t mean it will happen,but that’s the setup,”says Ira.
    If the market continues to pullback,support is at 2672.He doesn’t want to see the pattern of Hh/Hl broken.
    Brooks has been looking for a pullback for three weeks.His theory is the first pullback will be bought(because the rally was so strong) and pushed to 2800 again(or a little above).Then a further drop.
    Looks to me–at least on Friday’s action,DJT bounced at extremely important support.Now it’s easy.We stay above 9996 and its bullish.Below that–and more emphatically 9950–we can count on more selling.GL all.


    • lml25 says:

      One more thing,the transports are one day from bearishly embedding.Either PPT will prevent that from happening Monday or it DOES happen–leading to the possibility of more more downside action.Watching that as well.The way they bounced today,makes me think PPT will push the Trannies higher Monday to escape a bearish stochastic situation,but we’ll see.


  5. Lee x says:

    Good morning and Good weekend to all
    Keep up the good work and good vibes all !


  6. torehund says:

    From Sids blog, predicting the rise of commodities into 2021. Agreeable to me, notice the hurst cycle too, could be on time.


    • scottycj1 says:

      Tore the 3.5—-42 month cycle is a standard business and pig iron cycle. It was identified years ago by the Foundation of The Study of Cycles.

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      • scottycj1 says:

        Also dovetails with the weather forecast from my book. Could be crop failures in 20 and 21….at the very least super expensive grain prices. If the govt removes grain prices from the inflation numbers….Social Security wont keep pace with rising food prices


        • torehund says:

          Agree Scotty, inflation due to demand destruction 🙂 Seems one can not buy a commodity etf anylonger, what goes up is then removed from the index then, so the banksters can keep shorting the etfs. But consumers will be squeezed as we see happening in France. Scam will hit the fan with full throttle as we proceede forwards.


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