Weekend Update

Tony is going to be absent for a little while. There are some health concerns we are dealing with as some of you may know. For the moment he does not have access to a computer. I will keep you updated throughout the week with any news. Thank you for your patience and all the well wishes.

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150 Responses to Weekend Update

  1. b7anjo says:

    Best wishes Tony and Christine and thank you .


  2. Dear Brother Tony!

    Tony you once told me many years ago, I posted some very good religious thoughts. Back in day, Ee all had fun Trading. Tony! Your Elliott Wave Objective work is outstanding! Purely within greatest professionalism work known to humans. Over the years all of us, been amazed by your discipline and passion. Tony, your choice spirit above all of test.

    God bless Tony! Love you brother …


  3. vivelaamo says:

    Tony hope you get well soon. All the best.


  4. 6peweb6 says:

    Hope you get better soon . thank you .


  5. Get well soon Tony


  6. I pray for you, Tony. You are the best on Elliot and we need you! Best luck!


  7. E says:

    Our prayers are with you, Tony. Take care.


  8. fbqueen3 says:

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery Tony! I’ve learned so much from your blog.


  9. mike7x says:

    Thanks for the update Christine. I hope Tony is well very soon and wish all of you all the best!


  10. Lee X says:

    Thanks Christine


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