Sunday update

Hope be home this week. In rehab … Thank you all for your best wishes … And Merry Christmas

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  1. 123 abc says:


    Price action suggests the cryptocurrency bubble ended at the 17 Dec 2017 highs, and a bear market is now underway.

    A ‘return to normal’ b-wave bounce currently appears to be in progress which ought to retrace 61.8% to 78.6% of the decline —which is 17150 on average based on Bitfinex prices.


  2. 123 abc says:


    Bullish count (first & second charts): Minute-v→Micro-3 is underway in the form of either:

    a. (first chart): Micro-3→Nano-iii subdividing into Pico waves; or,

    b. (second chart): Micro-3→Nano-iv underway. Once Nano-iv completes, maximum upside for Nano-v is 43 points —any further and this count is eliminated since Nano-iii cannot be the shortest. Also, since Nano-iv cannot overlap Nano-i, this scenario is also eliminated if 2672 is overlapped to the downside.

    Bearish count (third chart): Minute-v Ending Diagonal completed at 2695, or is still underway. Upside beyond 2699 eliminates this count.

    In summary, bullish scenarios in favour unless 2652 is taken out.


  3. lunker1 says:

    If the comments section locks up again you guys can come chat here until Tony is back.


  4. phil1247 says:

    just got back and saw CL hit target to the penny at 58.50
    but did not go thru
    now at 58.36
    selling all uwt now…. too close to BRICK wall to hold
    if it goes thru next week i will get back in
    …….. good luck


  5. fotis2 says:

    Nice move from Gold was expecting a pullback but it did close above the 20ma last night on BBs so technically next upper BB at 1295 $ on the other hand weekly close bellow 20 ma retest of lows 91,3 seems the move for next week/s.Fascinating Market.Nice one Learned


  6. kingfrogcash says:

    $GBTC green as of now anyway


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