Swarm A.I. quick update

Today at 5pm eastern time we are having our third financial asset market Swarm in our ongoing scientific study. For those that participated in last week’s swarm – please join us again. If you did not participate and would like to, please follow the instructions in the second paragraph of this link: https://caldaro.wordpress.com/2017/02/05/swarm-intelligence/.

Please fill out this survey any time today before entering the swarm: https://www.research.net/r/Z5K6CSD

Also this week we are using this private link to enter the SPX UNU: https://go.unu.ai/unums/2382

The Swarm study will start promptly at 5pm. Thank you for participating!

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4 Responses to Swarm A.I. quick update

  1. tony caldaro says:

    Swarm A.I. update.
    After an experimental first week, our second and third weeks have been a combined 80% accurate.
    Our Swarm is learning how to be a swarm.
    The questions cover: the SPX, Gold, Crude, the GDX, the USD and long term Rates.
    It looks like we have created the first Financial Market Swarm in this exciting new Artificial Intelligence Technology.
    If you have not already joined us, please do. We meet every Tuesday at 5pm.

  2. tony caldaro says:

    The goal is to determine if the Swarm can successfully (near 80% accuracy) anticipate market movement before it occurs.

  3. bolderbob says:

    Hi Tony,
    What in particular is the goal of the study. Isn’t market price a swarm already?

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