What is Swarm Intelligence?

How does it work?

About three weeks ago we created a Swarm at UNU for OEW students. Since then we have had six scheduled sessions where all students could participate. The results have been encouraging. Naturally, as with any new technology and an international group, there has been some skepticism and scheduling problems, resulting in a turnout that has been lower than desired. As a result we have decided to open the swarm to the blog participants. It is quite easy to join.

Just go to: https://go.unu.ai/signin. Select a user name and password. Then enter as new user. Use this link to enter the swarm: https://go.unu.ai/unums/2382. Swarm works on Google only. Once you are in the SPX UNU your screen should look like the one in the second video. When a question is asked, and anyone can ask a question by typing one in at the top of the screen, you move your cursor to the center of the screen and a green magnet appears. This is you. Then you just pull and push the center disk toward your answer. After 60 seconds or less, the UNU will give the collective answer to that question. That’s it!

Unanimous A. I. does not have a UNU dedicated to just the stock market and financial assets. We have an opportunity to be the first. Should the group get large enough to produce collective predictive results, which generally are 80% accurate, then everyone within the UNU should benefit. Keep in mind, this is nothing like a poll, consensus, or anything like that. Those are snapshots of people opinions at different points in time. This process is decision making, in real time, by a collective group. The following video describes some of the potential results that have been achieved in other areas of interest.

We have scheduled our first SPX session on Tuesday at 5PM EST. An hour after the market closes. Future regular scheduling can be discussed between now and then. Please join us. If nothing else you would have participated in a potentially game changing technology. And, by the way, it’s all free. Best to your week!

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  1. tony caldaro says:

    Thank you to those that participated. We had a terrific turnout.
    The UNU had to be expanded twice to accommodate everyone.
    Sorry if some were turned away as this was occurring.
    Many were there early and asked a number of market related questions.
    At 5PM the UNU moderator asked the 13 questions that were in the survey.
    It took only 15 minutes.
    Then the UNU was opened again for market questions by the participants.
    At the end we all decided to do this on a weekly basis: Tuesday’s at 5PM.
    The UNU team gathered all the answers and will be analyzing them as the cash market unfolds.
    For those that participated you can email me for a spreadsheet of our UNU answers.
    If you have any suggestions, please submit here.
    If you would to join for the next Swarm, use the instruction in this post.
    thank you, it was fun!

  2. Kisshu2 says:

    the survey isn’t available anymore hope to try the next session; wonder if there is a log you can keep track of the session history?

  3. tony caldaro says:

    good morning/afternoon everyone,
    We have teamed up with Dr. Rosenberg and his UNU team to do a scientific swarm study today at 5PM est at the SPX UNU.
    If you have not joined, please do. Instructions are in the blog post.
    Also, please complete the following survey, which includes all the questions to be covered, prior to 5PM. They will be doing a scientific analysis of all the data.
    Here’s the survey for today’s swarm:
    thank you for your participation

  4. gtoptions says:

    Thanks Tony
    Tried UNU today. More political Q’s than market related. That was expected.
    Interesting though. I’ll see what questions come up in your Tuesday session. Hopefully more market related. If not, I don’t see how anyone can get any sort of useful market related data from this.

    FYI, both Windows and OS X users can install Google’s Chrome. Simple, painless and safe.

  5. vivelaamo says:

    I don’t how it differs from a real time poll.

  6. H D says:

    interesting. I hope to be able to participate. Wondering what a question might look like to propose to the group regarding “The Growth cycle, we believe just started, was triggered by the nationalistic/populist movement across the world (2016), it will spread, and confirmed by the election of Trump (2016)” vs culmination/ climax of the crisis cycle (20 year).

    • tony caldaro says:

      Actually we plan on starting off with questions a lot more simple than that =)
      Where will the SPX end the week: 2225-, 2250, 2275, 2300, 2325, 2350+ ?
      But keep that one handy

  7. locanbbs says:

    Sounds like this is an offshoot of Group psychology. This offshoot may be more fun, but it’s not supposed to be a “tug of war”, more like an anonymous vote among experts, like an expert jury in sports! – lol!

  8. I don’t know how intelligent” they are,but the CBEES(Central banks) seem like a swarm to me on many occasions…maybe even this morning.The dollar just will not BEEhave like it’s supposed to–and nosedive after breaking a H&S.Who could possibly BEE propping it up?Lol.
    Sounds interesting.I’d like to hear some feedback on how the process plays out,if anyone cares to write about Swarm Intelligence in the future.

  9. 123 abc says:

    Signed-up and look forward to participating on Tuesday after market close.

  10. sarah prucha says:

    Hello TC!

    Very COOL!! I am interested in this opportunity. I became a member of your tutoring several years ago. I am mostly in ETFs and a few stocks. I do not day trade and I am not on line all day watching , but do like to understand the markets and sector rotations and of course the political environment and so many world issues. I watch to trade mostly fib levels for entry at support and sell at resistance in addition to money flow indicators for entry and exits. So many other indicators become noisy to me and being on line all day is distracting for me. So much volatility. I mostly swing trade 6 days to 3 weeks a few months, some longer on long term trend changes,( like gold now). I do not short. I think cash is a position. I scale out of profits. I use stop losses.

    I can always get back in. I am trading KISS style.

    Thank you for this opportunity to be part of the SPX UNU SWARM. I am interested in previewing Swarm to see how this works and if/how I can be of value to the group. As a former college administrator, career counselor, and instructor I am very interested and believe in this advanced idea that could/should be used in academic programs from early childhood to advanced and for ongoing problem solving and sharing in general!!

    Your early adapter and pioneer spirit are refreshing and advance enlightenment for everyone! Thanks for sharing and leading!

    A few questions before I join. Is the SPX UNU group created by you? Is joining exclusive by your invitation? Is there a leader?

    All the best, love, light, and peace!


    • tony caldaro says:

      I only set up the UNU, anyone can set one up.
      Anyone can join Unanimous, it is not my site.
      We’re all followers =)
      Dr. Rosenberg heads the technology, it is his site.

  11. ppetersoncorneliuspetersoncom says:

    It also works on Firefox

    _________________________________________________ Cornelius “Pete” Peterson Retired

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