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Objective Elliott Wave, (OEW), is a quantitative approach to the Elliott Wave Theory. Once you learn OEW you will be able to quantitatively research the historical price performance of any asset class, or stock, and determine its current position within its overall long term trend. Quantified waves never change. Then using shorter term charts, you will be able to determine good entry and exit price areas in the asset you are tracking.

This is not a course, this is private tutoring: one on one. You may take as long as you like to fully grasp the material and concepts at hand. It is not complicated. Actually you will be amazed, after some period of time and dedicated study, how easily you will be able to discern the waves as they unfold. OEW quantitatively identifies all the medium and long term waves that create bull and bear markets. Every one! We have been applying this technique, successfully, for nearly thirty years.

Over the holidays we completed our seventh annual update of the self explanatory lessons, expanding them to twenty-four. We added the SPX sector rotation scenarios that often occur in alternate bull markets to lesson 13. We included OEW analysis of long term investor sentiment, the PCE, the unemployment rate, and the Baltic Dry index to lesson 22. Lesson 23 is all about Housing, leading/lagging indicators, what works and what does not. Currencies is the main theme in lesson 24: tracking the long term currency cycle in OEW terms. This is our most complete lesson plan ever.

Over the years OEW analysis has led to some important projections in just the stock market alone. We projected the 1987 top and subsequent crash, then the Dec. 1987 low. The July 1990 top to the day, the 2000 top, and the Oct. 2002 low. The Oct. 2007 top (in Jan08), the Mar. 2009 low nearly to the day, the recent high in Sept/Oct 2012, and the recent low in Nov 2012, nearly to the day. We are still leaning towards a bull market top in 2013.

In Real Estate: OEW confirmed the bear market in 2006, and now the new bull market starting in 2011. In Bonds: OEW confirmed the recent bull market in 2007, and we are now anticipating a new bear market may be underway. In the Currency markets: OEW projected a strong rally in the USD in early 2008 after a three year decline. Then a resumption of its choppy bear market in 2009/10. We then turned bearish on several foreign currencies in mid-2011, and long term bullish on the USD. In early 2009, OEW projected a resumption of the ongoing 13 year bull market in some Commodities: including Gold and Silver. OEW can be used to track any asset class, including individual stocks, providing there is sufficient historical data.

Bull and bear markets can last for years. Medium term uptrends and downtrends only last for a few months, and are often mistaken for changes in long term trends. OEW analysis not only confirms when changes in long term trends are occurring, but also allows one to track a bull or bear market as it unfolds. If you are interested in learning how to do this type of analysis yourself, and joining our private OEW group, just contact me at caldaro@msn.com for the details. Best to your trading/investing.

The possession of knowledge, unless accompanied by the manifestation and expression in sharing is a vain and foolish thing. The Law of Use is universal, and he who violates it suffers by reason of his conflict with natural forces.”

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19 Responses to OEW tutoring

  1. Rob Naardin says:

    Hello Tony

    Just wondering, before the crash of 87 was the yield curve inverted?

    Thanks Rob

  2. SPX traded 4 cents below Thursday’s low of 1496.76. (1496.72; hence this can’t be a 2nd wave down of an extended 5th wave up), instead IMHO looks like minor 3 is in and minor 4 is in the making!?

  3. 1497 must hold, or minor 3 finished on Friday and minor 4 is now in the making. not sure if i want to go short here; 4th waves are notorious account killers. i’ll probably just sit on my hands and let the market decide, enjoying my profit taking on friday. 1485ish seems like a decent level to reload the boat, but it could drop a lot further if it wants to…

  4. CB says:

    (not) funny …SF Giants were plagued by power outages last yr. at Candlestick Park.. weren’t they? hey N Orleans…it’s the 21st century…act like it. 😉

  5. Aneo Aneo says:

    Real estate is in bull phase since 2011? What will happen if socks top in 2013/14? Thank you!

  6. mokiepon says:

    I just wanted to leave a short note to those who are searching for a first class, objective and accurate way to use EW and other information to help guide them in making decisions regarding the how-to’s of trading and investing. You won’t find a better deal than what Tony Caldaro is offering here. Seize the opportunity!


  7. Thanks Tony for the great call, Better be save than sorry. I think nobody should short a wave 4.

  8. fishonhook says:

    I am sure there were a few of us that got hit by your call top call of 1510 and shorted on the break of 1498. We are all responsible for our own actions, however I would have hoped for a mea culpa or some acknowledgement of the failed call.

    • tony caldaro says:

      From the Minor wave 2 low at SPX 1398 we have been counting five Minute waves, plus Micro waves and even Nano waves, the third degree lower from a Minor wave. Recently this complexity of subdivisions led to an erroneous potential Minor wave 3 call at SPX 1510. The market cleared away that count on friday and a much simpler count arose out of it.

      • tony caldaro says:

        one followup comment from thursday’s update:
        The market opened slightly lower today, dropped to the SPX 1498 level we noted yesterday, rallied to 1504, and then dropped to a lower low at 1497. This lower low completely retraces the potential Minute wave v we noted yesterday, (1498-1510), suggesting Minor wave 3 completed at SPX 1510. To confirm this event two things should occur: 1. a pullback of more than 10 points – done, and 2: our short term OEW charts turning negative, which currently requires a drop to below SPX 1497. Probabilities suggest this will occur shortly.

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