quick public charts update

Stockcharts has expanded our format to more than 100 charts. We have added the SPX sectors and the Commodity sectors, along with some notable stocks and long term currency charts. The format is as follows: US indices pages 1 and 2. SPX sectors pages 3 and 4. International indices pages 5 thru 8. Gold, Silver and Commodities page 9. Commodity sectors page 10. Bonds and Notes page 11. Currencies pages 12 and 13. Stocks start at page 14, with Misc. charts. The link:


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  2. rc1269 says:

    Tony, it looks to me like there is a massive divergence building between the NYAD (cumulative) and Index levels (all three, SPX, DOW, NAZ). That is, the sharp and material decline in the NYAD looks a lot like the start of the August selloff of last year, except this time we don’t have the corresponding selloff. Is this type of divergence something you’ve seen frequently and able to persist without any correction?
    Seems illogical that it wouldn’t eventually come to some equilibrium (either NYAD needs to come back up fast, or stocks need to track down to it)

    • tony caldaro says:

      RC, Techs are getting the brunt of the selling today.Nice rebound by the cyclicals.But we’ve still had a [1388]-1370-1380-1366 decline, and are a long way from 1422.This afternoon’s rally is actually quite good for the market.Suggests the correction may get a lot more choppier on the way down, than the first decline from 1422-1357.

  3. budfox9450 says:

    Oh, that is good news….Thank you Tony….

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