SPX bull mkt projection update

About six months ago we posted a projection for the remainder of the bull market using OEW analysis and the current bull market characteristics. At the time of the projection the SPX had closed at 1149 that friday September 24th: https://caldaro.wordpress.com/2010/09/26/spx-bull-market-projection/.

We anticipated, at the time, the current uptrend from July10 and SPX 1011 would last six months until Jan11 and reach SPX 1313. Then the following downtrend would take one month to unfold and decline 9%.

The uptrend outperformed our expectations. That uptrend lasted seven months until Feb11 and reached SPX 1344. It extended into the longest uptrend of the bull market, and oddly enough, ended in between two OEW pivots: 1313 and 1363. The downtrend that followed did take one month to Mar11, but the correction was only 7%. Again better than expected. As a result of the the recent market action we are updating our projection going forward: project, monitor and adjust:

SPX 1440/62   Jun11   Major wave 3,   SPX 1363   Jly11   Major wave 4

SPX 1552/56   Oct11   Major wave 5,   SPX 1363   Dec11   Primary wave IV

SPX 1576   Feb12   Primary wave V.

You can track the SPX along with us using the following link: http://stockcharts.com/def/servlet/Favorites.CServlet?obj=ID1606987. Best to your trading/investing.

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17 Responses to SPX bull mkt projection update

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  2. tb45 says:

    Thanks Tony,
    You DID honor my request from several weeks ago!!!


  3. H D says:

    Nice Tony. You’re chart played out nicely.


  4. zimbabweanimike says:

    Good thing I only buy 20 bucks worth of

    Hey Benron! 20 bucks won’t kill my “needs fuel” light! Yeah baby keep smoking that debase.


  5. MGD says:

    Could someone tell me how much a wave 4 may retrace in a leading diagonal correction ??


  6. vmahambare says:

    I think typo in primary wave 5 date. should be Feb12.


  7. MGD says:

    Thanks Tony, it’s amazing !!!….
    It looks minor 4 is unfolding…so 1320 may be next ..what should we expect for minor 5 ??


  8. x0521 says:

    Looks like you expect p/back toward 1304 near term and then off we go. Once 1363 is captured that should hold. Your long term forecasts have been very good. thanks.


  9. lightbearer7 says:

    Thanks Tony for the great update! 🙂 Not sure if there is a typo error for major 5 of P3 target?


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