Case-Shiller housing update

With Case-Shiller reporting its monthly numbers yesterday (CS 140.86) we decided to do a follow up to our recent housing report:  In the report we noted the following:

We anticipate that the housing market will remain under pressure from 2006 – 2015 or so. Typically these types of declines take about one decade to complete. On the downside we are not expecting much more of a decline. Possibly into the 130′s area over the next few years, with an outside chance of hitting the 1989 high around 125. This would represent a total decline between 33% and 38%. Housing has already declined 30%. Once the bottom occurs we would expect a multi-year rally and then a retest of the lows, somewhat similar to the 1932-1942 and 1975-1985 periods. The second bottom should occur by the mid-2020′s. Then a new bull market in US housing should get underway.

After a sharp 32.6% decline from CS 207 in July 2006 to CS 139 in April 2009, the US real estate market made its first major low and started a counter-trend rally. This rally lasted until July 2010 when the index hit CS 149: +6.9% rebound. Since then, however, prices in the housing market have been drifting lower, and they just confirmed another long term downtrend. If we count the first decline (Jly06-Apr09) as wave A, and the counter rally (Apr09-Jly10) as wave B, then we are now in wave C of the housing bear market. As noted above, we’re not expecting a substantial decline: Possibly into the 130′s area over the next few years, with an outside chance of hitting the 1989 high around 125. Nevertheless, the housing market should remain soft going forward.

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8 Responses to Case-Shiller housing update

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  2. chrys50 says:

    Tony – here is another fundamental reason I believe we have another leg down in the housing market.

    “FHA insured loans dominate top 20 metro areas – The near nothing down mentality is the new rage in the housing market. FHA loans showing massive delinquency rates and have the potential of costing the taxpayer $100 billion in another bailout.”

    Full story here:


    • tony caldaro says:

      Where is the data in regard to down payments? See the data of FHA loan participation … nearly 90% … a known fact. Just think it’s another writer calling for a crash after a crash. Lot’s of that kind of writing since 2008.


  3. chrys50 says:

    Tony – thanks for the update. Why does the red projection line descend to a lower level (110) than what is stated in the narrative (125-130 level)? Or is that the retest, second bottom for 2025?


    • tony caldaro says:

      Hi Chrys, That’s Shiller’s projection.

      Love oneself, or love oneself and all others. It’s a choice. Your future depends on it. Time is short. Make the choice!


      • chrys50 says:

        Thanks Tony. Why wouldn’t wave C (current wave) be some Fib multiple of wave A. 125-130 doesn’t seem low enough. Shiller’s projection looks closer to what I would expect.


  4. Lee X says:

    Thanks Tony


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