the stock market’s best and worse presidents

In this election year the rhetoric, and spin if you will, often compares this or that candidate to this or that president. Or, this or that party to success or failure. Naturally these comparisons, are for the most part, statements biased towards this or that one’s party loyalty. Certainly sounds confusing, and of course it’s meant to be. As we all have learned in the past decade, and others, in politics the facts are often biased by the one stating them. Setting aside all this nonsense, the thought arised to judge presidents solely on the performance of the DOW during their entire tenure. A common thread statistic, such as the performance of the DOW, which has been in its current form since October 1, 1928, should provide an unbiased historical view. The results may surprise you.
DOW performance for their entire tenture, ranked from best to worse:
Clinton   …   +226.3%
Roosevelt … +194.4%
Reagan    … +135.1%
Eisenhower . +120.3%
Truman    … + 81.7%
G. Bush   …  + 45.0%
Johnson   …  + 30.9%
Ford        …  + 23.4%
GW Bush  … + 17.5%
Kennedy   … + 12.2%
Carter    …    –  0.9%
Nixon     …    – 16.5%
Hoover    …   – 82.8%
*GW Bush’s return is based upon seven complete years with one to go.
Next, it might also be interesting to rate each of these thirteen presidents by the median yearly gain, since their terms were quite varied:
Clinton   …   + 28.3%
Reagan    … + 16.9%
Roosevelt … + 16.2%
Eisenhower . + 15.4%
G. Bush   …  + 11.3%
Truman    … + 10.5%
Ford        …  +  9.7%
Johnson   …  +  6.0%
Kennedy   … +  4.3%
GW Bush  … +  2.5%
Carter    …    –  0.2%
Nixon     …    –  3.0%
Hoover    …   – 20.7%
*GW Bush’s return is based upon seven complete years with one to go.
One last note in regard to this 80 year period. Starting with Hoover on March 4, 1929 and ending with GW Bush in January 2009, the Democrats and Republicans split this entire period right down the middle: 40 years for each party. Feel free to make your own judgments, based upon the facts.

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  1. tony says:

    Hi Ela … be well!


  2. parma says: first thought is my 4 years of studying the political philosophy were good for nothing but must wait for my second thought ie learn more about the modern bussiness vs politics


  3. tony says:

    Hi Rob,
    Maybe someone else would like to respond with that data.
    Strictly a stock market man here.


  4. rob says:

    Hi TonyI enjoy your website. Thanks for taking the time on it.This was an interesting post. How about an additional piece of info: what was the change in the deficit as a percent of GDP while the president was in power, annualized. This could be subtracted from the Dow figures to get a figure which would reflect whether the president improved the country or otherwise to achieve his stellar or abysmal results. Rob.


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