friday update

SHORT TERM: stocks mostly lower in light trading.
The market opened mixed this morning as the light volume continued in this holiday week. Within the first few minutes, the DOW made a marginal new high, as most of the indices made their highs for the day. The rest of the day was a gradual slide to the downside. At the close the major indices were about 0.33% lower, but closed higher for the week. As we wrap up 2006, it was a good year for stocks, especially the cyclicals. The DOW rose nearly 17% and the SPX 14%. The growth sector lagged as the NAZ rose 10%, and the NDX was up only 7%. I am fairly certain, this is the first year since the bear market that the cyclicals have outperformed the growth sector. Nevertheless, 2006 was a good year to be bullish, as several stock indices made all time new highs both here and abroad. 2007 should offer even better opportunities. Enjoy your New Year festivities, as I wish all of you a Healthy and Properous New Year! Thank you for making 2006 a fun year.

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3 Responses to friday update

  1. tony says:

    Hi Henrietta,
    Happy New Year and Thank you!
    Hi Peter,
    I only follow a few industrial sectors, like the SOX/TRAN, etc.
    But Gold does look appealing, as it is starting to impulse again after a recent small correction.
    I don\’t follow oil stocks that closely, so can\’t comment on them at this point.


  2. peter says:

    Do you have any theories on what SECTOR may be best to be in if you want to STAY INVESTED through the next correction ? Seems so much drama in the mid-east and elsewhere that it makes sense to maintain some OIL and GOLD  positions. At worst you may be down for awhile in OIL or Gold stocks if ALL stocks go down with major indices..then get it all back with profit later. In other scenario, mid-east or other crisis boosts OIL and pushes other stocks down. Thanks, peter


  3. henrietta says:

    Great analysis and frankly one of the best around!
    Have a great New Year!


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