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three new charts

I’ve added three new charts on the COMPX in the photo gallery: 3 year chart, 1 year chart, and 6 month chart; all with the appropriate EW labeling. Hope this visual display helps clarify the verbal.     

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Objective Elliott Wave………

Okay, you might be thinking this title is an oxymoron right? How can the Elliott Wave be mentioned in the same statement with the word objective, unless one states; "In EW analysis, there isn’t any objectivity, it’s all subjective!" It … Continue reading

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midweek update

After six unsuccessful tries by the COMPX to go positive yesterday (2171 -2172), in only three hours, the trap door fell open. B waves are like that, bull traps. But it’s only a correction, the bull market continues. COMPX 2164 held … Continue reading

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History of the Dow Jones Industrial Averages

About every 10 years, (the last times being 1985 and 1995), I like to review the entire history of the stock market. In this case it’s now 120 years worth of data 1885 – 2005. Initially, I look at the … Continue reading

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mid week update

Yesterday the NAZ double topped in the afternoon at 2186. Then, today after a gap down opening, it rallied all the way back to top at 2186 again, before selling off 14 points in the last 90 minutes. I think … Continue reading

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weekend update

The markets have had two pretty good weeks in the wake of the horrible events of Katrina. The COMPX and INX have risen about 3 1/2 %, the INDU about 3%. Yet, despite all the enthusiasm on Wall Street with; massive government aide to New … Continue reading

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weekend update

The stock market did make a short term bottom on monday, as we had surmised, ending wave A of this ABC correction. Wave B has thus far retraced about 40% of the correction in the COMPX and INX, but the … Continue reading

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